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The best mineral lick in every field

Providing feed supplements, minerals and nutritional products for dairy, beef, sheep livestock and equine, Uniblock is Ireland's #1 mineral block manufacturer.

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Uniblock High Mag

Ideal for spring/autumn grazing, Uniblock High Mag is perfect for cattle at risk of staggers.

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Tried and tested

A wide range of proven mineral and feed buckets

Numerous field trials carried out at University College Dublin have proved the effectiveness of the Uniblock range in providing essential minerals and trace elements to livestock.

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The only precalving mineral for the calf as well as the cow.

Welcome to Uniblock - Feed supplements, minerals and nutritional products for beef, dairy, sheep livestock and equine

Uniblock products contain high levels of energy, protein and other feed ingredients to enhance animal performance

Including the renowned High Mag 10 our calf and beef products aid growth and fertility.


Our high specification sheep licks and mineral blocks increase energy and protect your livestock.


High quality blocks provide selected nutrients, minerals, vitamins and feed additives, proven to be beneficial.


Lamb & Ewe is the only purpose formulated supplement that benefits the unborn lamb as well as the ewe.

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